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ICSE Mathematics Class 9 Syllabuses.

ICSE Mathematics Class 9 Syllabuses.

There will be one paper of two and a half hours duration carrying 80 marks and Internal Assessment of 20 marks. The paper will be divided into two sections, Section I (40 marks), Section II (40 marks). Section I: will consist of compulsory short answer questions. Section II: Candidates will be required to answer four out of seven questions. The solution of a question may require the knowledge of more than one branch of the syllabus. 1.Pure Arithmetic Rational and Irrational Numbers Rational, irrational numbers as real numbers, their place in the number system. Surds and rationalization of surds. Simplifyingan expression by rationalizing the denominator. 2.Commercial Mathematics Compound Interest (a)Compound interest as a repeated Simple Interest computation with a growing Principal. Use of this in computing Amount over a period of 2 or 3 years.
(b)Use of formula = (1 + ) n . Finding CIUsing the formula to find one quantity§ Interest compounded half-yearl…
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Fleming's Left Hand Rule

Fleming's Left-Hand Rule
. To work out the direction of force experienced we use Fleming's Left Hand Rule. Your first finger points in the direction of the magnetic field (North to South). Your second finger points in the direction of conventional current (positive to negativethe Thumb represents the direction of Motion resulting from the force on the conductorThe First finger represents the direction of the magnetic FieldThe Second finger represents the direction of the Current.
When a wire carrying an electric current is moved in a magnetic field of a magnet the magnetic field induced by the wire reacts with the magnetic field of the magnet causing the wire to move outwards. Fleming's left hand rule helps you to predict the movement

When electrons, or any charged particlesflow in the same direction (for example, as an electric current in an electrical conductorsuch as a metal wire ) they generate a cylindrical magnetic field that wraps round the conductor  the direction of t…